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Quadasha Vaughn writes:

Harriet Tubman was famous for leading the underground railroad, when she escaped she served as a scout, spy, and nurse during the Civil War. She returned to the south 19 times to free her family and other slaves. She could’ve never looked back and kept living her life a free woman. She was selfless and went back to help others and continued to help our men fighting in a war.

Destiny Perez writes:

“I feel Martin Luther King Jr. is an American hero because he has made a major impact in our nations history. He made a major impact for the better by taking action to provide civil rights. He believed that people should not be treated unequally by the color of their skin and that inside their heart is what makes a person valuable. He made an effort for this country to come together regardless of their skin color and for the nation to unite due to its commitment to peace, non-violence and equality for everyone.”

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